Helping Hands Project

Pasco-Kennewick Rotary Club will provide a hands-on project for Rotarians attending the District 5080 Conference at the Three Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick. The project will be on Friday, May 15th, from 9:30-11:30 a.m. at the Convention Center. All conference attendees are encouraged to participate.


We will be assembling hygiene and food kits. The kits will be distributed to two different groups. The first hygiene and food kits we will assemble are to serve the homeless when the Union Gospel Mission is filled to capacity. These are a day’s supply to offer nourishment and hygiene products for those who cannot stay at the Mission. The smaller quantities in the packages allow the recipients to carry them easily.


The second assembly operation will be designed to support the Support, Advocacy, and Resources Center (SARC) and Domestic Violence. These kits will be in larger quantities and will be distributed to victims of sex trafficking and domestic violence.


After assembly of the kits, participants will have an opportunity to explore the IDEA project. The Interactive Disability Education Awareness (IDEA) project teaches empathy, support, encouragement, and patience of each other in the elementary school age children. This hands-on project is currently being supported by P-K Rotary in several of the Tri-Cities elementary schools. We will have several work stations demonstrating and teach disability awareness.


Pasco-Kennewick Rotary welcomes you and is looking forward to sharing with the Rotarians of the District 5080 while serving our community and fellowship with each other.